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picture © Michel Giesbrecht


The KnitGeekProject is an interest in this discipline of knitting, booming in the fashion industry, but with a deeply rooted artisanal image. of the day, and through this project I want to link design to maker culture (technology and craftsmanship) and craftsmanship (through small series and local) in projects for third parties as well as for personal projects . 

This design project is closely linked to the research project "TheKnitgeekResearch", the two influence each other mutually, whether in design, the search for shapes, stitches and formal solutions, but also in the encounters that this research causes, engineers, industrialists in the field, designers and who contribute to opening up my universe of style and my horizon of interests.

Fields of activity:

  • Collaborations with fashion and accessories designers

  • Special orders for individuals

  • Creation of unique pieces for sale

  • Personal projects

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